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Maldrubine eating

No Paris site without mentioning food. I have tried several places and only few of them do I revisit. (OK, so I am picky). I'll keep it short though, knowing that all there is to be said has already been said several times in the numerous gourmet guide books.

Hot chocolate:
So far I think Café de Flore is the definite winner. Very rich and extremely filling.

Café de Flore
172 Blvd Saint Germain des Prés (6 arr)


Herbal tea:
Although almost every café and restaurant have herbal teas, (for the few of us who can not tolerate a double espresso at 10 PM), they are mostly brewed on a supermarket tea bag. But, Les Deux Magots (and I am guessing Café de Flore does as well) make their tea using real leaves swimming in the hot water.

Les Deux Magots
170 Blvd Saint Germain des Prés (6 arr)

French food:
Le Petit Prince serves good food and most important (I think) they have created a super cozy atmosphere.

Le Petit Prince (only open for dinner)
12, rue de Lanneau (5 arr)
Réservation: (necessary)

Macrobiotic food:
Paris is quite up to date on the organic, wholesome issue. There are several vegetarian restaurants and a few all organic places (also serving meat). This small restaurant is a tasty choice. Besides fish it only serves vegetarian "meats" along with various vegetable dishes and fresh juices.

Guenmaï (only open for lunch)
2bis rue de l'Abbaye (6 arr)

Pizza & Pasta:
Come here for a good "how it is supposed to be" pizza or pasta. (Don't expect anything major from their salads and desserts).

1, Rue Gozlin (6 arr)

Red Meat
This is the place to go when you want a perfect piece of meat. Be aware that reservations are not possible and there's is only one choice: meat with french fries and salad. You personalize your meal by choosing how red you want the meat and what you want to drink with it - They also have some excellent desserts.

Le Relais de l'Entrecôte
15, rue Marbeuf (8 arr)
20, rue Saint-Benoît (6 arr)

Brunch & Breakfast:
A very cozy café and quite different from the typical French ones. All sorts of breads, pastries, etc. On every table there are numerous toppings for your bread.
Le Pain Quotidien - They have several locations in Paris and the rest of the world.

This little shop is the home of some super chocolates. The intensity of the aroma when you enter the shop is wonderful. The chocolate comes in beautiful designed boxes, making it a great gift.

Michel Chaudun    
149 rue de l'Université (7 arr)     

Open markets:
There are plenty of markets everyday all over Paris. However, my favorite is an all organic one which takes place twice a week. It is huge including everything from veggies, fruit, meat and dairy to incense, gardening supplies and candles. Super quality and friendly people and with the perfect market atmosphere.

Saturdays (8/9-12/13):
Blvd Batignolles (8 arr) (Metro: Rome or Clichy)

Sundays (8/9-12/13)
Blvd Raspail (6 arr) (in between Rue du Cherche Midi and Rue de Rennes)

Cooking books:
Le Cordon Bleu is one of the good choices for the ones with some experience in the kitchen. All the basic techniques for the gourmet cook and wonderful photographs accompanying the recipes.

Cordon Bleu cook book


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