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Maldrubine painting


This is a link to a list of the temporary exhibitions going on in Paris. It is also a site covering museums all over France Réunion des musées nationaux

Following are some of the museums that are free the first Sunday of the month (only their permanent collections however):
- Louvre
- Centre Pompidou

Lots of museums have reduced prices on Sundays and if you are a student or teacher or under 26 or above 60 (or all of the above) then you get a good price as well. (Remember some ID)

If you're under 18 you get in for free most places.

And these are some of the museums that are always free (again, permanent collection only)
- Musée Carnavalet
- Maison de Balzac
- Musée d'Art moderne moderne de la Ville de Paris

Museum passes:
La Carte Musées & Monuments are sold for 1/3/5 days at paticipating venues, FNAC and tourist offices. You can also buy them here

Tarifs à titre indicatif:
Carte 1 jour: 15 €
Carte 3 jours: 30 €
Carte 5 jours: 45 €

Late night museums:
Louvre is open till 9:45 PM on Monday and Wednesday. To avoid the queue outside the pyramid go through the Carrousel du Louvre (Rue de Rivoli)

Musée d'Orsay is open till 9:45 PM on Thursdays.

Full listing:
Paris Touristoffice

Art supplies:
If you're into making your own creations then Graphigro has a good selection of various art supplies at a fair price.

133 r Rennes (6 arr)
207 bd Voltaire (11 arr)
157 r Lecourbe (15 arr)
120 r Damrémont (18 arr)

Paris night

Of the different hotels I have tried a few are worth mentioning:

Hôtel Eldorado
18 rue des Dames (arr 17)

Hôtel Louisiana
60 rue de Seine (arr 6)

Hôtel Riveréa
55 rue des Arcacias (arr 17)

They are low priced (which in Paris is around 40-60 Euro for a single room) with friendly staff and decent rooms. Also note that they (like many other) serve white bread, coffee and juice for breakfast, so if you need something a little more substantial then bring your own additions.

Online hotel guide:
Paris Touristoffice



Unless you and your stomach are used to "city water" I would definitely recommend only drinking bottled or filtered water.

Metro and bus tickets:
Tickets for bus and metro are the same and you save some Euros if you buy un carnet (10 tickets) at one of the metro stops.

Credit cards:
These are accepted most places but many have a minimum purchase requirement with is usually 15-20 Euros.

This is a city of rain. All year! --- Yes, of course, there are days of sunshine and it does get warm in the summer, but there are many days with short or long showers.




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