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The words I include here are chosen because I somehow find them funny or cute or particular -- absolutely nothing to do with practicality or usability.

La lune = moon (Satellite de la Terre, recevant sa lumière du Soleil; son aspect vu d'un point de la Terre)
Miel = honey (the bee product)
Lune de miel = honeymoon
Clair de lune = moon light
Lundì = Monday
If you're into wholemeal bread/pasta/flour (pain/pâte/farine) you should be aware that even though your average dictionary (and bakery) will tell you that intégral and complet are the same they are not. Complet is in-between white and wholemeal. Intégral is 100% wholemeal.

Épeautre = spelt (variété de blé dur)
Girafe = giraffe (grand mammifère ongulé, à cou très long et rigide, à pelage roux marqué d'un système de raies claires formant un cloisonnement polygonal.
Girafeau = baby-giraffe (petit de la girafe)


This phrasebook is one which gives you sentences that you would actually consider using - and it is funny as well.


This all French dictionary is really helpful when you are have studied the language for a little while. I am clue less why it is called Le Petit Robert, but perhaps it refers to the size of the letters used in it? This is also the book where I get the French explanations of the words on my website.

If you are interested in learning French this site has great resources for all levels.

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